EMA Advocates is pleased to announce the addition of a new partner to its esteemed team. Dr. Ishmael Psaila, a seasoned legal professional with a diverse background, joins EMA Advocates with enthusiasm and dedication.

Dr. Psaila graduated from the University of Malta in 2015, where he acquired a comprehensive legal education. Following his graduation, he was admitted to the Bar in 2016, demonstrating his exceptional aptitude for the legal profession.

Over the years, Dr. Psaila has amassed a wealth of experience in various legal roles. He assumed the position of chief MLRO (Money Laundering Reporting Officer) and Company Secretary to the Board of Directors at a locally-based bank. Later, he made a significant contribution to the Office of the Attorney General as a Public Prosecutor, further honing his skills.

Driven by his passion for legal advocacy, Dr. Psaila has served on several boards as both a Director and a company secretary for numerous public and private entities. His expertise has allowed him to successfully represent clients in both the Superior and Inferior Courts of Malta, specialising primarily in criminal law.

Beyond criminal law, Dr. Psaila extends his services to clients seeking assistance in a wide range of legal matters. He has provided invaluable guidance in Family, Employment, Constitutional, and Contract negotiation proceedings, showcasing his versatility as a legal practitioner.

EMA Advocates is delighted to have Dr. Psaila join its team of legal professionals. His extensive experience and commitment to delivering exceptional legal counsel align perfectly with the firm’s values. As Dr. Psaila embarks on this new chapter of his career, EMA Advocates wishes him all the best in his endeavors. The firm looks forward to the collaborative opportunities and achievements that will undoubtedly arise from this partnership.

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