Residence Status

Malta entry visa requirements

Malta has reciprocal arrangements with numerous countries (including all Commonwealth and UK dependencies, all Council of Europe countries and a good number of bilateral agreements with other countries such as Japan, USA and North African countries) whereby citizens of these countries do not require a Visa for entry into Malta*.

However, citizens of all other countries, including those of the Commonwealth of Independent States, require a tourist or business Visa to visit Malta.

An entry Visa may be applied for at a Maltese embassy or consulate before proceeding to Malta. Where no such embassy or consulate is available, a written request should be made to the Commissioner of Police.


A non-resident would normally be granted leave to land and remain in Malta as a tourist for a period not exceeding 3 calendar months unless the Principal Immigration Officer expressly specifies a shorter or longer period.

Such tourists are not subject to tax in Malta (even if they own property in Malta and use it as a holiday home) except for any income arising in Malta and any capital gains on sale of any Maltese property owned.

Temporary Residents

Non-residents may be granted leave to land and remain in Malta for longer periods than 3 months after obtaining the necessary permit from the Principal Immigration Officer.

Individuals who apply for extended tourist permits will have to prove to the Authorities that they have sufficient income to enable them to live in Malta without being a burden on the State. However, there are no other fixed criteria for the issue of such extended permits, each case being treated on its own merits.

The permit, if obtained, will, generally, be signified by an appropriate endorsement on the passport of the individual concerned. The permit is renewable at fixed intervals by the Principal Immigration Officer on a discretionary basis by such further periods as, in each case, he may deem proper to grant and under such conditions as he may deem proper to establish.

Prohibition of working in Malta

It is an implied condition of any leave to land and remain in Malta that any such individual shall not exercise any profession or occupation or hold any appointment or be employed by any other person during his/her stay in Malta without an appropriate employment licence issued by the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs, Castille Place, Valletta.

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