Employment Law in Malta


The Act that regulates this aspect of Maltese Law is the Employment and Industrial Relations Act (Act 22 of 2002) that has replaced its predecessor, the Conditions of Employment (Regulation) Act of 1952 (CERA).

The Act came into force on the 27th December, 2002

Entitlement to maternity leave shall continue to be regulated by the CERA.

What is a contract of service? 

A contract of service (or a contract of employment) is an agreement that may either be in oral form or in writing whereby a person binds himself to render service to or to do work for an employer in return for wages.

An employer is to forward a signed copy of a written contract of service to his employee within 8 working days from the date of the contract.

An employer who opts for the oral form is duty-bound, within 8 working days of engagement, to explain to the employee the terms of any recognised conditions of employment as may be applicable and to give such employee a written statement about such conditions^.

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