Property Law

Malta has a reputation for its solid real estate sector which has seen steady gains in recent years. EMA Advocates is experienced in assisting both local and foreign clients with their property sales, negotiations and transactions.

We provide comprehensive practical advice for landlords and occupants for both the commercial and residential sectors, and our experience enables us to assist a more diverse industry of client from gaming to IT and retail. We ensure that obligations are met and breaches are rectified.

In the case of property law in Malta regarding the sale of property, we work for both buyers and sellers, as well as any other third parties, to ensure an efficient, smooth and hassle-free sale. We assist with regards to promise of sale agreements, final contacts, disputes, registration and stamp duty.

 For non-residents seeking to acquire property in Malta, there are some additional requirements which must be met, namely, obtaining an AIP permit for immovable property. There are some minimum requirements such as the type of property, its location, value and other conditions.