Immigration Law

Residence and Citizenship Programmes

EMA Advocates caters for immigration services tailored for high net worth individuals and families seeking to invest or enjoy their life in a country other than that of origin. We ensure that our clients achieve a future that they want to live in, a secure and stable future, one full of options.

Europe is a heaven for cross country dealings and allows individuals or groups of people to visit any country of choice and settle there with little or no difficulty. Europe removed the borders between its member states thereby creating a conglomeration of countries bound together allowing for maximum fluidity of movement within it. Fluidity of movement that is sometimes taken for granted by its own citizens but greatly sought after by non-EU residents.

EMA Advocates now offers the opportunity to high and ultra high net worth families and individuals to invest, study, live, work or enjoy their life in Europe. One may be motivated to this by a plethora of incentives. Ranging from prosperity of future generations to maximising on business profits; residing in the European Union is the way.

Here at EMA Advocates we do understand that although such process can be sought after and motivated by private reasons, it is indeed a delicate process that if done by the inexperienced it can lead to disappointment. Therefore, we are there every step of the process, fully cognizant of the background, ethnicity and history of our high net worth clients so that we make certain that the cultural subtleties of our clients are duly respected.

The Malta Individual Investor Programme (IIP), offering the Maltese citizenship and a step into the European Union is undertaken by our seasoned lawyers. Additionally, the recently launched Malta Residence and Visa Programme (MRVP) is offered as an option. The recourse chosen depends on the needs and wants of our esteemed clients, that are determined after meeting with our professionals to identify the way forward.