Family Law

The Firm, spearheaded by Senior Associate Dr. Maria Cardona, has 7 years of Family Law practice under its wing. Our clients are a testimony of the professional service offered by our firm and we pride ourselves in giving the utmost dedication to each case, ensuring that the client gets the best service deserved.

Separation and Divorce

We have successfully assisted numerous clients in separation disputes of both a litigious and consensual nature; divorce proceedings, and equally, same sex separation and same sex divorce. The firm aims to settle the disputes in a quick and professional manner, making sure to preserve the interests of our clients while ensuring that the client is represented throughout the entirety of the separation/divorce process. Therefore, our service extends from the mediation process through litigation and ultimately the final judgment.

Care and Custody of Children, Maintenance, access and all other ancillary issues concerning minors

Among the main Family Law related services that we offer, our clients benefit from additional services related to the care and custody of children, abductions and adoptions*. The firm understands that these services, directly related to the child, afford a greater deal of sensitivity and the interests of the child are, above all, our primary priority.


The firm has ample experience in assisting couples and families trough both the local and foreign adoption procedures. We understand that the process may be arduous especially, when adopting trough a foreign country. We take great care in preserving both the interests of our clients and the interests of the child, so that ultimately both will have a deserving future. Admittedly, local adoption procedures are of a less complex nature than foreign procedures and we work hand in hand with local agencies to ensure the best result is achieved for our clients.

Further Services

Alongside these services the firm specialises in mediation, care and custody cases, civil annulment, adoptions (both foreign and local), consensual separation agreements, care and custody, access, maintenance private agreements between parties in relation to minors, and child abduction cases (both related to Malta and to the European Union). In cases where penal law is breached, the firm also assists in criminal proceedings in court. The firm has assisted clients in cases of default of maintenance due, denial of access, child custody and domestic violence.