Criminal Law

These Chambers are renowned for their involvement in renowned high profile Maltese trials by jury to date. Dr Kathleen Calleja Grima is the Senior Associate heading the department after the Hon. Dr. Emmanuel Mallia took up a Ministerial position. Dr. Calleja Grima has an admirable string of successful trials under her belt and represents both local and foreign clients.

The firm has long established experience in the field of Criminal Law trough successful trials by jury and criminal appeals. The offices’ team plead daily in front of the Magisterial Courts and are seasoned in pleadings in front of the Criminal Court of Appeal and the Criminal Court alike. With the recent change in law, the office has also expanded its expertise to include white collar and regulatory offences.

The office has been consulted by foreign and local authorities on matters relating to criminal Law including Extradition proceedings and transnational crime.